Welcome to Modern Nights! We are a 20th Anniversary Edition Vampire/Mage setting, based in the present-day San Francisco area. The game focuses heavily on story progression through the cooperative storytelling of both staff and players. Character applications are accepted for Vampire, Ghoul, Mage, Mortal+ or Mortal. Mages are Traditions and Disparates only. Vampires will find their city consists of the Camarilla, Anarchs, or Sabbat, as well as Giovanni and Setite.

We have a fully automated chargen system and an engaging and active staff. For more information on the game, please see the files listed within the games IC Resources in the top menu. For information on the games policies and commands, check out the OOC Resources in the same menu.


Sick of dealing with the hassle of downloading and operating a MUSH client? Trying to play from work? Just play through our website!

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